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Eagles screensaver
Impressive screensaver featuring 30 images of this magnificent bird

Earth 3D space tour screensaver
3D animation of the Earth viewed from space with stunning atmosphere effects

Earth screensaver
Displays an image of the Earth in different positions illuminated by the Sun

Earth from cosmos screensaver
Super screensaver featuring photographic images of the Earth from space

Electric Art screensaver
An intriguing screensaver which draws complex ever-changing pictures

Elephants screensaver
Wonderful slideshow of these majestic beasts in their natural habitat

Elizabeth Hurley screensaver
The beautiful English actress Elizabeth Hurley makes this screensaver shine

Elle Macpherson screensaver
20 images of the Australian supermodel in a slideshow

Elvis Presley screensaver
Elvis screensaver with a picture slideshow of the king of rock Elvis Presley

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Fantastic Four screensaver
Featuring the fab four Marvel superheroes

Fire effects screensaver
Customizeable fire effects screensaver

Fabulous waterfalls screensaver
Super screensaver with pictures of beautiful cascading waterfall

F1 Total screensaver
Formula1 racecar images. A screensaver which downloads new pictures to your desktop from the internet while it is activated

Falling snow screensaver
An enchanting screensaver whch displays lovely winter scenery. Watch the snow fall as it builds up
on the ground and the surrounding woodland

Fairies screensaver
A delightful selection of illustrations of fairies by Penny Parker

Finding Nemo sreensaver
Includes a selection of images from this very popular movie

Fish Aquarium 3D screensaver
Turn your desktop screen into a beautiful and colourful aquarium
Final Fantasy screensaver
Screensaver based on the ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’ movie

Flight simulator screensaver
Watch in amazement as a group of fighter jets blast through the sky at high speeds in a variety of 3D environments

Flintstones screensaver
Based on the popular cartoon television series The Flintstones

Fireworks screensaver
Different fireworks explode randomly across your screen set against a city at night

Fireworks screensaver
Another impressive display of fireworks bursting into the sky and lighting up your screen

Fireplace screensaver
Listen to the crackle and watch the flickering flames of this relaxing screensaver

Fountain screensaver
A mini screensaver with moving water that rises and falls from a fountain set in an attractive garden background

Fractal screensavers
Various free and shareware fractal screensavers

French artists screensaver
Famous paintings from famous artists

Funny fish screensaver
Funny animated bright colored fishes, cute turtle in a fantastical underwater world

Furry kittens screensaver
delightful cute pictures of differrent breeds of cats and kittens

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Gladiator screensaver
Screensaver based on the epic movie starring Russel Crowe

Golf screensaver
Golf screensaver featuring images of various golf courses

Golfer screensaver
A fun golf screensaver with cartoon images by Gary Patterson

Gone With the Wind screensaver
Images from the academy award winning motion picture

 Grand Canyon screensaver
View the deep ravines, aqua waterfalls, and incredible plateaus that all make up the Grand Canyon

Gyrodome screensaver
Fascinating screensaver that will have you mesmerised with it’s gyrating metallic rings

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Halloween screensaver
Spooky screensaver with animated creatures, bats, lightning flashes and blood curdling screams

Hancock screensaver
Based on the movie with Will Smith

Happy Feet screensaver
Based on the glorious animated movie

Harry Potter screensaver
Harry Potter, Ron Weasley plus wizards and witches

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire screensaver
Based on the film of the same title

Hawaii screensaver
Stunning images from Hawaii in this very colorful screensaver

Hellboy screensaver
Based on the movie Hellboy starring Ron Perlman

Holiday screensaver
Start dreaming of your next vacation with this nice screensaver to inspire you

Horoscope screensaver
A screensaver that allows you to take a daily glimpse into your future

Horses and folds screensaver
Lovely images of horses

Horses screensaver
Horse screensaver with pictures of stallions

Horses World screensaver
Beautiful images of horses including stunning arabic horses

Hot air balloons screensaver
A screensaver which feature colourful images of hot air balloons and novelty balloons

Hubble Space telescope shots screensaver
Fascinating screensaver displaying incredible images sent to earth from the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope

Hulk screensaver
Featuring images from the movie the Hulk

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